Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Songs About Sex

So, there I was, cheerfully listening to a bit of Ian Dury on the wonder-how's-it-even-legal Grooveshark.  The song "Wake Up and Make Love With Me" hit me with it's sublime blend of funky rhythms twinned with a very British sense of humour.  I'd heard it before, but I'd forgotten how good it was. "Is this the best song ever about sex?" I wondered.

Most songs about sex, you basically don't want to know about.  An exception may be Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", and possibly a few others that I can't think of right now.  I seem to recall reading somewhere that The Jesus & Mary Chain wrote songs about sex, but to me they all seem to be about drugs, or at a push, possibly drugs and motorbikes.

Have there been any songs written by the musical elite of Edinburgh that may fit the bill?  Not that I can recall right at this moment.

There's a challenge, along with "Write a happy song".  Write a song about sex that doesn't revolt all and sundry, and you'll be doing well.


  1. Well it's not obvious, but my song Hungry Ghosts is about sex; well at least its reincarnation shennanigans narrative all takes place during the sex act. That's the nearest I've come in song :-)

  2. Since you mention Grooveshark in the context of 'wonder why it's even legal' you might be interested in Robert Fripp's recent correspondence with them on http://www.dgmlive.com/diaries.htm?artist=&show=&member=3&entry=20192 and subsequent pages, regarding their streaming at least one artist's work without their permission.

  3. I hadn't heard of Grooveshark - looks similar to Spotify at first glance. I'll investigate further.

  4. I think that link that Norm posted to the Robert Fripp article explains the "how can it be legal?" part. Basically, it seems it isn't. They're cheerfully streaming mp3's which they have no right to stream, from what I understand.

  5. Indeed Norman, Grooveshark is a well named company - Mr Fripp's published correspondence is enlightening and I went to re-read and to give Nelson the link when I saw your comments above and realised you'd beaten me to it.

    The entry of 16 August in Fripp's diary also highlights the dubious business dealings of UMG.

    What a tawdry world the so-called entertainment industry is...

  6. But hey, it's ok to steal stuff cos those rock stars earn a fortune

    so do you rob from high street shops because they make huge profits? No you queue with your basket of goods and you pay the price

  7. PS I'm sure I've written songs about sex that no-one has found revolting - but probably because no-one listening to the songs realised they were about sex

    Aren't those the best songs? The ones where you have to work to get the intention?

    Maybe not.

    Who knows

    Rambling again...