Monday, 15 August 2011

Pirates at The Listening Room

Compering at the Blue Blazer last night, I heard one of the best song intros I've heard in a while:
I asked my friend what he thought of my new song.  He said, "You mean the one about the Pirates and the ship of gold?  I thought it was great, yeah".  I said, "Ah, cheers.  It's actually about the perils of working in the banking sector, but thanks anyway".

A somewhat rumbustious Blazer was countered with loud singing by all concerned.  Hurrah!


  1. Great intros ? Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens : "This is one of the ten greatest songs ever written and I wrote it" ("People Say").

    And he might just be right !? Andrew K

  2. Interesting . . . I hadn't heard that particular Go-Betweens song before . . . an engagingly low-fi piece of heartfelt pop. (

    On one listen though, I'm not sure I can agree!

  3. I always enjoy the old chestnut:-

    "And so, if you know the words....

    ...I'll be very surprised"