Saturday, 9 July 2011


So, there I was Bozoing around in London last weekend.  I had a slightly "larger" (if I may use that term without sounding like a Radio 1 dance DJ twat) night than I think either George or I expected on Thursday, but was certainly fun.  That left me somewhat tired for the Flaming Lips gig at Alexandra Palace on the Friday, where they played their album The Soft Bulletin in it's entirety.

The Lips undoubtedly played well, their stage show was good, with visuals, balloons, people dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz on stage, a man-sized hamster ball, and what-not.  Somehow though, I felt slightly disconnected from the whole thing.  I started wondering if I really do like seeing bands in very large venues.  There's either a massive crush down the front, or you can stand at the back and be constantly brushed by people going to and from the loo.  A draught can usually be felt, and there's always some arses talking constantly throughout the whole thing. And the sound is often not especially good.

I came to the conclusion that I don't think I want to go to many more large-scale gigs, no matter who it is.  I just don't think that live music is meant to be conveyed to masses of people who are so far away that they can barely see who's on the stage.  Give me a packed, sweaty, smaller room.  Which, to be fair, is what I think most bands prefer too, but the sheer logistics of touring mean that you need to get the numbers through the door if you want to make any money at all.

This Sunday, at The Listening Room, it is Ms Fi as the featured act, and I will be doing some percussion for her.  Looking forward to it!

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