Wednesday, 27 July 2011

En Paris

Pop In, Paris, France
I went with Fuzzystar to Paris to play a gig last week.  Yep, I said Paris.  Cool, n'est-ce pas?

Actually, getting there and back on grot-bandits Ryan Air wasn't quite so cool, but never mind.  The gig was fun, and Florence, who ran the Pop In (mercifully utterly unlike the watering hole of that name that once existed in Portobello) was very welcoming.  She was even apologetic that she couldn't pay us anything.  Imagine!  At most venues in Britain, that's taken as read, and no-one even mentions it.

She did however, mention that the beer was free for us . . . sometime later, word had travelled around all the band . . . the upshot was that we estimated that we drank somewhere north of 300 Euros' worth of the rather nice "Pop" brand lager that they were selling.  So, in a way, we did get paid, and rather more than for the equivalent British gig.  Despite being thus improbably oiled (or possibly because), I thought the band played rather well.

That just left the onerous task of hanging out in Montmartre, eating fancy cakes, and patronising various swish cafes to fill in the remaining days.  Somehow, we managed it.

What Florence was saying about the music scene in Paris was all too familiar though.  Not enough decent venues, neighbours complaining at the slightest thing, and basically a real struggle to keep the Pop-In venue going.

So, to help Florence, if you're in Paris, why don't you . . .  no, I won't.  Too obvious.

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