Monday, 18 July 2011

At The Festival

 One doesn't want to be too cynical.  It's fun, yes, and you can see stuff that would not normally come within an infinity of bargepoles' of Edinburgh  Hopefully you can afford some of it.  The Festival (aka The Fringe), that is.

So, all good so far.  Where I differ from some shiny-eyed optimists, is whether there is anything to be gained from doing much in the performing of one's music in Edinburgh during the hullaballoo of the Festival.

My experiences have thus far suggested "no, not especially".  True, it's possible you may get a slightly larger audience in some places.  But, often that audience just wants to hear "traditional" music (i.e. something not too challenging in the Folk idiom).  And, sometimes, very few people may come to your night at all. 

When you think about it, the population in Edinburgh roughly doubles during the Festival; it apparently rises to around 1 million bozos.  However, the entertainment on offer goes up by a factor more like a zillion.  And competing with the promotional power of say, the Chinese State Circus, or the latest cool comedian is always going to be hard

Which isn't to say, don't do it.  I've had some good times over the years doing some music, playing at The Ross Bandstand will always be a cherished memory, for example.  But, that's the exception, not the rule.  If you do decide to put on/perform music, just be aware that there's a lot of competition, and to do it for fun rather than expecting to be whisked up in a swirl of media attention and glory.


  1. Yeah, it's by an Edinburgh-based artist called Ritchie Collins ( ), I like this painting especially.