Thursday, 16 June 2011

Still going

My recent bout of despondency has shifted, due to playing two more gigs with The Storm in two days, at the Leith Festival and at OOTB.  Nothing like a bit o' live action to cheer one.  The Leith Festival one in particular I enjoyed, it being with Matt Norris and The Moon, and Caro Bridges and The River, bands I like very much.  I was idly thinking that a "Geographical forces and objects-themed" (or something) tour with those guys would be fun.

I think The Storm's sounding more together these days, starting to blend as a unit.  When playing percussion, one inevitably notices timing more, and possibly, when one is playing a melodic instrument or singing, timing can sometimes take a back seat to melody.  Which can be fine, as long as everyone else understands, and does the same thing.  If not . . . then the results are there for all to hear.  Subtle differences in people's appreciations of timing need to become aligned.  It's called "getting tight".   Which isn't a reference to mythical Scots parsimony (which I have never found to be true, incidentally).

So, the gig carousel cavorts and wheels, and turns it's gaudy splendour to the slightly stranger one on Saturday, where we appear to be supporting a wind band.  Usually at these affairs, lilac-rinsed septuagenarians form the mainstay of the audience, so I will be curious as to the reaction.

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