Sunday, 29 May 2011

A north Wynd doth blow

I really want to go to see North Wynd at the Blazer tonight, but I fear that may be prevented by a stinking cold that has reared it's ugly head. Which would be a shame, as in my estimation Johnny Pugh is one of the better musicians in Edinburgh.  The fellow has a knack for creating something special when he performs live.

I saw finally saw Norm's Invisible Helpers at the Pleasance on Friday there, although sadly without Big Jim on keys, or the Warr guitar.  It was still a good set though, I particularly enjoyed the reworkings of "Till I Found You", and the turning of "Nicole" into a late-70's Chic-style disco floor-filler.  There were belly-dancers earlier in the evening too, which was surprisingly impressive and enjoyable. 

What I liked about that evening was the variety of fare on offer.  Some like to have their musical evenings themed;  I say bollocks to that.  The more variety, the better.

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