Sunday, 8 May 2011

A bit of a sesh

So, yours truly, El Bozotron, was playing at Secret CD's on Wednesday there, with The Storm, along with three other bands, all of whom were of the usual high quality.  Paul Gladwell has interesting lyrics, and an extremely good cellist in Sebastian, who added an extra dimension to the usual vox/guitar combo.  I think normally he has a whole band, but it was just the two of them on Wed.  The Beggar Girls are an extremely skilled bunch, whose blend of Balkan/English/French folk is a classy act.  One cannot fail to be charmed by them and their music, unless you were in an extremely grumpy mood to start off with.  In which case, you shouldn't have gone out that evening.  On a separate note, it's nice to see some older women playing music, something which is surprisingly rare.
The Beggar Girls

Adam Holmes was a name I hadn't heard before, but his star appears to be in the ascendant, and one can see why.  Personable and comfortable on stage, melodic without being overly challenging, and with a top notch band, one can understand why he was a nominee at the Radio 2 National Folk Awards.  Possibly an Edinburgh version of Paulo Nuttini

For some weird reason, even though the Storm played well, all the band felt a tad flat afterwards, but no-one could quite explain why.  Once could point to the lack of a good monitor sound on-stage, but that's par for the course at pretty much any gig, and by all accounts it sounded good out front.  It's possibly a case of post-launch comedown, the next few gigs probably won't be able to match that for audience interest/reaction.

Secret CD's has to be one of the best regular music nights in town, for an extremely reasonable £3. Hat's off to ol' Hairy Legs (James Igoe to you) for bothering his arse and actually doing it.

I also went to a folk session at The Canon's Gait last night, ably overseen by Frank Burkitt.  I'd also gone last Saturday too, as a way of practising more percussion ahead of Wednesday's gig.  I came to the conclusion that I like folk-tinged things, but I'm not especially keen on straight folk music.  I feel the same way about country music, and, to a lesser extent, about jazz music.  Blues music is the exception to this, I don't mind listening to pretty much any Blues, like Howlin' Wolf.  Shake it like a willow tree!

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