Monday, 25 April 2011

The Ghost of Electricity howls in the back room of the Blazer

It being a nice sunny day here in Edinburgh yesterday, I decided to fix the busted spoke on my road bike, and go for a spin to Peebles and back.  On the way home through the Moorfoot hills, my mind wandered on to the topic of bicycles in music.  I started considering how many references to cars there are in popular music, but how few to the bicycle.  I can't think of too many at all. 

 There's Queen's Bicycle Race I guess, which I'm not even sure I like.  There's The Smith's haunting Back To The Old House, ("When you cycled by/Here began all my dreams"), and there's Mungo Jerry's Pushbike Song.  And . . . er . . . er, I can't think of any more.  And none of them actually celebrate or venerate the bicycle like a lot of car-based songs do.  Maybe that is a songwriting challenge, to write a song that does just that.

I saw the Electric Ghosts last night at the jolly old Blazer, and enjoyed them as much as ever.  Disarmingly simple-sounding country-tinged songs, but with a good sense of melody and effective, hook-laden lyrics.  I shall have to try and catch the full-on band at some point, on the basis of the acoustic shows I've seen, it should be enjoyable.


  1. Hmm...not sure that Mungo Jerry ever did the Pushbike Song. How about Bike from PATGOD by the mighty Syd & Co? My own favourite.

  2. You're right, it was The Mixtures, trust me to get that wrong. Although, Mungo Jerry has recorded a cover of it ;)

    Your usage of the acronym PATGOD flummoxed me for a second there, but there can only be one Syd . . . er, I can't actually remember that track, but it does definitely reference a bicycle.