Sunday, 13 March 2011

Secret CD's, gigs

So, another fortnight, another batch of gigs.  First up was the Secret CD's night.  When it was held in the Phoenix Bar on Broughton Street, it often had so many people attending, that they couldn't all physically get in.  Not too surprising, given the small capacity of that place, and the fact there were usually four bands on the bill.  I suggested to ol' Hairy Legs (aka James Igoe) on a few occasions that he move to a larger venue, given there was clearly a demand for his well-run night.

Thankfully, that has now happened, and the Speakeasy in the Voodoo Rooms is an excellent choice.  First on the bill was Hannah Werdmuller, someone I had never heard before.  I would say she was competent without being startling, ploughing a furrow that (to me) others had ploughed before.  The audience seemed to like it though.

Next was the Dull Fud's, who impressed me with their peformance, their energy, and their presence onstage.  Nothing remotely dull there.  It was very enjoyable, but George and I wondered if the live experience could make the transition to CD.  Again though, the crowd were thoroughly entertained.

Iona Marshall was next, I think promoting a new CD.  I've heard Iona over the years, and it's never been quite my bag, something about the music doesn't engage or interest me.  I seemed to be in the minority in the room on that though, so I held my tongue.

Lipsync For A Lullaby closed the evening, and their music does interest me.  The band started life with a conventional line-up (bass, guitar drums kinda thing), but have now moved to a string quartet kind of arrangement, with Atzi singing and playing cello.  It's certainly original, and at times, very dramatic.  It's more in the way of following the classical tradition than the "stick strings on an existing pop song" approach.  As a result, there aren't many discernible choruses, or tunes you can hum, but it's pretty compelling nevertheless.

On Tue night, The Storm played at OOTB, the first time I'd even been to their new venue of the Montague Bar.  As it's horse shoe-shaped, it doesn't immediately suggest itself as a natural place for live music, as about half the bar can't see the stage, although they can still hear the music.  Somehow though, that didn't seem to matter.  We played OK, although as I reflected later, often in a noisy bar, the finer nuances of a performance can be lost, and you end up just battering the percussion like a demented ape.  Ol' Hairy Legs was the featured artist, and very enjoyable it was too, good to hear the man play his own material for once.

And then, on Wednesday, it was Calum Carlyle hosting another music night, but this time his "Edinburgh Unplugged" at the Royal Oak.  Good to hear Townhouse and Graeme Mearns acoustically, and also the two acts I'd not heard before, The Wild Myrtles and Eilidh Steel and Mark Neal.  And, for £2, it's rather good value.  Plus, the beer isn' too expensive ;)

Whew, now I'm knackered, and just want to stay in for a night or two.

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