Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Primal Scream

So, there I was in London at the weekend, down to see Andy BHT, and to hear his band Fuzzystar play at The Wilmington prior to his relocation back to Auld Reekie.  It was another very good night at the Wilmington, and I thought that the 'star had certainly tightened up, to rather dramatic and compelling effect.  The melodies, lyrics and what-not was always good, but now there was also precision and power.  Impressive.  I had their songs in my head for days after.

I also, somewhat randomly found myself at Primal Scream's gig of their influential "Screamadelica" album at Brixton Academy.  I'd been offered a spare ticket the night before, so I thought "What the hey, I like that album", and went.  I was glad I did, as it was certainly a fun night, although I thought at times that the sound churned around the Academy like old socks in a washing machine.  Bobby G has matured into a surprisingly effective frontman, roaming around the stage and exhorting us to sing along like a man possessed.  Mani on bass acted like a man absolutely petrified, gulping huge amounts of air and staring around him like he was seeing demons.  If it was an act, it was brilliantly played.

 As I was down the front, I was damn near within touching distance, slightly perturbing to see someone famous that close up, if truth be told.  One suddenly realises that they are an actual, live, human being.  I'm sure our eyes locked a few times.  Disconcerting.

But, what I was thinking was, is it a good thing for so many people to be so keen on an album you did 20 or so years ago?  In some ways of course it is, as it shows that album has withstood the cruel brillo pad of time, which erodes so much once shiny music.  Not many can lay claim to that.  But, I'd imagine that most artists would rather that people got most excited about their latest work, whatever that is.

Who knows though?  He probably enjoyed himself anyway, so good luck to him and the rest of the Primals.

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