Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Norm-ing, Storm-ing, Performing

I've recently unleashed the Lindsay and the Storm website onto an unsuspecting world.  What the great unwashed may make of it is hard to say; I found a useful quote whilst studying Human-Computer interactions at University, which went something like:

It's almost impossible to predict how a first-time user will behave.

It's very true.  Recently, I went to use Google Analytics, after not bothering my arse with it for a couple of years, so naturally the site had changed in that time.  I spent quite a long while looking at the screen and clicking on stuff, wondering how to access the blasted things.  Finally I realised there was a large blue button marked "Access Analytics", which seems so obvious now, but the first time round, for some reason, I didn't notice it.

So, if anyone wishes to say what their first (or subsequent, for that matter), impression of the above site are, then be my guest, and thanks! 

I almost rang the Norm up the other day for a chat about music and what-not.  I didn't, but then I mentioned my good intention to him, at Tommy's stag do.  He looked rather startled by the notion.  "Do people ring each other for chats anymore?"  I wondered, feeling suddenly very, very old.

In other news, The Storm played with Miyagi at the Greenmantle pub on Nicolson Street on Friday.  It was good to play live again, but we were plagued by feedback problems, and discovered afterwards that all of Peter's violin playing had been completely inaudible.  Miyagi were good, at their best when slightly quirky and off-kilter, I thought.  I wasn't so keen myself on the more country-tinged numbers that seem to have crept in to their set.  Still, it all beats watching the telly of a Friday night.


  1. Nice site Nelson - easy to navigate and just the right amount of content - liked the film and enjoyed the music.


  2. I agree. It's a model of simplicity and clarity. And looks nice too.

  3. Thank you, good Sirs, for that feedback, and those kind words.

  4. 'Tis found on the lower part of the "images" page, or here: http://www.vimeo.com/6132567

  5. I love Celtic Thunder and anxiously awaited the release of "Storm". It's has its moments, but it's not as good as I had hoped it would be.