Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Listening Room

Who DIDN'T notice the guitar in this logo?
I was hosting at The Listening Room on Sunday just gone, the main act being Confushian.  I was somewhat concerned beforehand that the place might be stuffed with noisy bozos watching some sort of sport on the screens, but thankfully the place was very quiet when I got there.

Which, you might think, would be a bad thing.  Not if you're running an unamplified acoustic night, it isn't.  And then, the list quickly filled up with lots of good musicians, and the room also had some interested non-musicians too.

It would have to be said that the quality on display in the open mic section of the evening (8-9 pm) would have been enough to have made any main act tremble in their boots.  Matt Norris, Caro Bridges, Roger Emmerson, Lindsay Sugden, Julien Pearly, Sir Tom Watton, Gavin . . .  all on top form and sounding great.

So, it was just as well for all of us that Confushian are made of sterner stuff than the loose blancmange which passes for our resolve.  They put in a truly stunning performance, I was particularly impressed by Fraser's new skill of playing the saxophone.  If someone had said he'd been playing it for 20 years, I'd have believed them.  John "Fingers" Farrell's guitar playing was as flawless as ever, no mean feat for someone whose main instrument is bass (for the awesome Townhouse).

So, one of those special nights, when the magic dust has been sprinled liberally around.  Not one for hyperbole, Roger murmered "What a wonderful evening" as he departed.  I couldn't agree more.

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