Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A chart challenge

I sometimes play a game with myself of a Sunday teatime, as I'm making the tea; I see if I can stand listening to the Radio 1 chart show for an hour.

If you try this, be prepared for people glaring at you and demanding to know why you're listening to "this shit" or some such.  I usually do it to see what the fashions for production/sound engineering are, and if there's any discernible trends in music.  Occasionally, even though I don't like a certain song, I can understand why it's become relatively successful.  At other times though, it's success is entirely baffling, and I assume it's had a good video or other assistance (e.g. been used in an ad for yoghurt!), of which I'm unaware.

The music, though not usually to my taste, I can withstand for an hour.  The real challenge is the presenters.  Can you withstand their inane egotistical babbling for an hour?  Can you tolerate their fawning puff-piece "interviews" with "stars" who already know their record is number one?

It's a hard road, but if you make it, then I doff my glossy-plumed cap to you.  Probably best to be making something fairly involved for tea, like a massive curry from scratch, in order to not focus completely on it, and thus lose your mind.


  1. Make me a curry and I'll give it a try. No promises, mind. I tend to avoid music of all kinds, it seems.

  2. Massive curry + decent red wine necked as you prepare = oblivious to music of any genre.

  3. I may just try that Mr L, just to see . . . (probably whilst drinking prodigious amount of red wine, as recommended by Mr Impossible) . . .