Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Did you see the drummer's hair?

Possibly because I'm not in too many bands these days (whittled down from it's peak of five to my current one - The Storm), my imagination has started making up bands.  Thus, we have:

No Meat For Bad Boy - These are a Japanese Post-industrial Techno-Metal band.  I've no idea if that genre exists, or what it may sound like, but they're in it.  It's kinda heavy, but has a weird pop feel at times, which is a bit unsettling.  They're big in Japan and Belarus, and have sold about 200 records in Britain.  Yet their arty posters are curiously popular on Leeds University students' bedroom walls.

Pagan Gizzard - Metal Nu-prog (again, I am a bit hazy about the exact genre, or if it even exists), but at least two of their members have plaited beards.  They're Dutch, and have been touring Europe for a long time in their camper van.  No-one knows why, but they're very popular in Birmingham, and have sold more records than you may think.  Long-term fans refer to them affectionately as simply, "The Gizzard".

Not Pagan Gizzard
I was hosting the Listening Room on Sunday, after what seemed to have been a rather successful "Rum Club" evening.  Rather a struggle with noisy fellows at first.  "Is it really especially character-building playing to noisy disinterested people?" I wondered, as I went down like the proverbial lead balloon.  If so, I should be getting beatified sometime soon, the amount of character I must have built up over the years.

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