Thursday, 29 July 2010

Do you want MOR?

I've noticed an odd thing happening in my street.  As well as bozos cycling on the pavements, people regularly walk right down the middle of the road, as they go up the street.  Why they choose to do this, I do not know.  Apart from the danger aspect, surely it's not particularly interesting to walk down a street staring at the backs of dully respectable parked cars as you do so.  Not when you can have all the fun of looking into people's houses, gardens, talking to cats, etc. which you get from the pavement.

"Fair enough", you may be thinking, "But what's that got to do with music, Bozo features?"

It's just that I've often noticed a similar parallel in music.  People, quite often very musically talented people, appear extremely keen to occupy a middle of the road position in music, in fact they've probably worked damn hard to do that.  You know the sort of thing; incredibly polished, accomplished band, not a note out of place, sounded great for half a song in soundcheck, but come the gig, it's so bland it makes one feel faintly nauseous.  You find yourself thinking, "With all that talent at their disposal, they came up with that??".

I find myself these days enjoying the more original artists, even if it's not performed perfectly.  Practice be damned!!!!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The elimination of all I hold dear

So, I was in London t'other day, which was brilliant.  Again I am reminded of the massive part sunshine plays in life, and therefore, in music.  At 31 degrees centigrade, suddenly reggae and samba make sense.  I'm not sure if they truly do at 2 degrees looking out onto a windswept bleak day in Edinburgh so much.

Anyway.  I had timed my run to London to perfection, arriving literally minutes prior to Andy BHT(Big Hair Thompson)'s band, fuzzystar & the malfunctioning androids, starting up, not bad from a range of 400-odd miles.  It was very enjoyable, always interesting to see how solo acoustic songs sound as band songs.  When you've a sideman of the quality of Andrew MH (Medium Hair) Thompson's quality, it's never going to sound bad.

Something else I've been contemplating though, is nothing other than the cold-blooded elimination of a personal part of my life.  What I am talking about, is nothing other than punting all of my vinyl and CD's, hopefully after digitising them first in some form.  It doesn't seem right; some of these records have been around longer than my oldest friends.  They are inextricably intertwined with some of my formative experiences.

Why then, do this heinous act?  For the grubby prosaic reality of saving space, ladies and gents of the jury, having recently moved to a place where there is a fair bit less of that.  And also, some of that stock of music I haven't exactly been listening to on a regular basis.  But, still.

So, any advice on what digital route to take???