Tuesday, 18 May 2010

On the Pavement

I went with The Doc to see Pavement in Glasgow the other day.  It was an enjoyable gig, some fine musicianship going on.  I hadn't been to The Barrowlands for quite a few years, I noted that it hasn't changed at all, still a bit grotty, but somehow still good as a live venue. 

It's interesting that a band such as Pavement became (reasonably) commercially successful.  On the face of it, they didn't seem likely candidates: random sounding lyrics, odd, unpredictable rhythms and chord changes, vocals which were clearly out of tune at times.  Like the venue though, despite everything, it did somehow work.  I think part of the pleasure one gets is the notion that they are flouting "mainstream" musical opinion (whatever that may be), and are gloriously random.

I imagine the reality is quite different and it involves a lot of hard work and repeated practice to get it all sounding cohesive, but I don't want to think about that.


  1. Hi, you are dead right about the practice, how do they manage to do that? Thanks also for the good wishes...

  2. Pavement - cheap Fall copyists. That is all.