Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Some CD's

So . . . what would be your favourite CD's by Lothian-based artists . . . ?  It's a tough pick.  I've gone for some below, but they're naturally skewed towards the more recent releases, and memory being the fallible instrument that it is, I have doubtless forgotten some which are very noteworthy.  I've picked ones which have received a fair number of plays on my CD player.

Given the disclaimers above, we have, in no particular order:

Emily Scott - Longshore Drift
Jill Hepburn - Snowflake (hmm . . . is Falkirk in Lothian . . .?  At any rate, I'm including it here)
Ben Young - Englandland
Machar Granite - Lost In History
Norman Lamont - The Wolf Who Snared The Moon
ballboy - Club Anthems
Aberfeldy - Young Forever
Ms Fi & The Misfits - Songs from the City of Edinburgh
Townhouse - Times & Tides

 . . . and I cannot resist mentioning Lindsay & The Storm - Lindsay & The Storm EP.  I'd like to mention Flowers For Algernon's "Organic" LP, but that would definitely be not so much veering towards bias, as driving to Biasville at 100mph whilst tooting my horn all the way.

Given my comments in my previous post about how important it is to vary arrangements and what-not, it may seem surprising to include Ben Young's CD, as it's just him and a guitar.  In his case, I don't get bored, for some reason.  Possibly because Ben combines many styles from around the world in his guitar playing (which is excellent), and possibly becasue I find his lyrics interesting, as they encompass sarcasm, humour, and observations about relationships.

If I was forced at gunpoint to pick one, in terms of the overall quality (leaving aside The Storm and The Flowers), I would be tempted to go for Jill's CD.  Every song on it is of high quality, and it's been well recorded, with some interesting arrangements.


  1. I've only just twigged that ... thing ... at the top of your blog is someone waving their hand. I thought it was a chicken.

    Thanks for the tips - I haven't heard all of these. Jill's is a top CD. That Wolf one sounds good ...

  2. You thought it was a chicken? I can't quite see it myself, but then, I knew it was a pic of someone. Me, in fact, leaping with no hair, taken when I was in The Flowers. I should probably change it at some point.