Monday, 1 March 2010

Diamonds v Domes

The other day, I was listening to Radio 2's Saturday lunchtime show while making lunch.  Up-and-coming popsters Marina & The Diamonds were on, but I thought the presenter had called them "Marina And The Domes".  I was quite disappointed when I found out it was "diamonds".

Anyway, just now I had a listen to their latest single, and felt a bit bored quite quickly.  Nothing awful about it, but why should I listen to a paler imitation of Kate Bush?  I guess those young folks won't have heard of her, so won't care.

I think Mr Cakes' idea was good though.  If they were the "Domes" and not the "Diamonds", she could have been surrounded by a bald backing band.  That would have amused me, at any rate.

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