Monday, 8 February 2010

Different drum

I went to the One World Peace Concert at the Roxy Art House on Saturday, with Obi-Norm-Kenobi and his wife.  It was great, you got four bands (2 African-style, 2 Arabic), all playing various sorts of percussion and unusual instruments, and there was middle eastern food from Suzie's Diner too.

The only downside was the curious feeling of detachment that you get whilst at the Roxy, and the muddy sound.  Both Norm and I had noticed that from a few years back, from both watching and playing there.  But unfortunately, unless they invest a fortune in acoustic engineering the place, it will always be thus, being an old church and all.

That didn't dim the enthusiasm and energy of the performers though, and it was a refreshing change to hear so many different sounds, not least from all the percussion.  I also realised that I had been playing my darabuka completely wrong.  I shall have to see if I can add that drum sound to a suitable song of The Storm's at some point.


  1. Sitting looking at a redundant darbuka right now...what is the secret? How can you get it wrong?

  2. Not sure if there's a "secret", more just my own false assumption. It's basically that, being right-handed, I think I should be hitting the bassier notes predominantly with my right hand. The darabuka sits on my left hip/leg, and my left hand goes over the top, holds it steady, and does some fancy finger work on the rim occasionally. Mr right hand can then strike the centre of the skin for bass fun, and also do fancy rim-type stuff. That help?

  3. Yes. Another tip I got from a pro is to use the ring finger of both hands to strike rather than the index. Something to so with it being looser. Use the index and middle for rolls.