Saturday, 23 January 2010

Scottish Links

The Storm unexpectedly played Celtic Connections last night, on the Danny Kyle stage again, which was fun.  Lindsay and Karen played there last year as a duo.  At least we got more than two hours warning this time (it was two days), so we could all make it.  That meant a first gig for The Storm as a four-piece, with new members Al and Peter.

I wonder sometimes what the remit of Celtic Connections actually is, beyond being a music festival in Glasgow.  There's oft-times a strain of folkiness involved, which I do my best to ignore.  There's often too a fair number of artists performing who don't appear to have any connection with Scotland, either in their music or their person, but hey, let's not allow pedanticism stand in the way of a good gig.

And, to be frank, it was a good gig.  It's also probably one of the best gigs we're going to play for a while.  Somewhere around 300 people in the audience who actually listen to you (for non-musicians out there, this is indeed rare), the sound engineers are polite and capable, the compere lady friendly and knowledgeable.  Compare that to a drafty Tuesday night at say, The Ark, and we're talking calcium carbonate and Scottish cheddar.

Why then, a certain lack of jubilation, a certain flatness, post-gig?  It's probably because we weren't quite ready for it, the gig came too soon in our new incarnation's development.  Nothing was obviously wrong, no horrendous notes were played, and I think we stayed in pretty good time.  And, people said nice things afterwards.  But I think we lacked that magical ingredient of togetherness that bands only develop after a period of time playing together.  And, one also holds out some hope that someone, somewhere may just here you and invite you to . . . dunno, but something good.  But, they never do.

Still, a good start to the Storm's doubtless phoenix-like rise from the ashes of the old Storm.

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