Thursday, 28 January 2010

Jill at the Blazer

Went to the Blue Blazer on Sunday past, to see Jill Hepburn play.  The Norm has written previously about how she can silence an audience, and her emotional honesty, with which I concur. 

Having not heard her for a while, what struck me was the quality of the songwriting; the lyrics were inventive, funny in places, and strange in mysterious in others, and the melodies and chords were pleasingly varied, from folk-tinged, to jazzy, to an almost Noel Coward-esque trip round the solar system in "Why Stop at The Moon?".  I was wondering if she'd be loud enough for the Listening Room, but she was perfectly clear and audible. 

Which reminded me again, that sometimes there's a difference between a voice carrying, and a voice's volume.  Some people have both of course, such as Peter Michael Rowan.  Some people can certainly be loud.  Not everyone can master the trick of having your voice heard well in a pub though.

Now I've gone and left her CD round at The Doc's place, and I really want to hear it.  That always seems to happen with CD's you like, aargh!!

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